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Criminal: If you or a loved one have been accused of a crime, you should not hesitate to align yourself with the right people.  You should have experienced and trial-worthy attorneys.  These attorneys need an expert investigator on the team to tip the scales back in your favor.  Having an investigator that knows the law enforcement investigator's role as well, and often better than they do, is vital.  Having an investigator with extensive trial experience and that has been used by both sides of the system as an expert, is crucial.  If you have the luxury of starting your defense before being charged, without a doubt... you should. Please contact us today and tip the scales back your way.      

Investigative Solutions provides unique and extensive experience in the field of investigations with twenty eight years of experience that has encompassed both the prosecution and the defense of criminal cases.  ISNC also brings experience in military, civil, domestic and administrative hearings. The CEO of ISNC, Jimmy Henley Jr.,  has served on federal, military, state and local task forces. Jimmy served in these capacities conducting death investigations, covert and tactical operations both long term and short term among many others.  Jimmy has been utilized as expert witness for both the prosecution and the defense and continues to serve as a law enforcement instructor.  During his time in private practice, Jimmy has served as a trial consultant, crime scene evaluator, an expert in various fields of criminal investigations and additionally is Capital Murder Certified.     

Corporate and Private: ‚ÄčIf you need assistance in detecting the source of theft in the work place we can help.  A systematic approach is necessary and one that prepares the matter for prosecution if required.  Having an investigative agency that possesses the knowledge of prepping the case for law enforcement and prosecutors can make the difference.  Fraud cases are often turned away by law enforcement before they even start.  Our agency can handle the investigative aspect that law enforcement does not want to.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Custody/Domestic and Family Matters: Conducting surveillance, running backgrounds, social media monitoring, these are just some of the basic requests in this category.  With many years of high level, covert, investigative experience our agency is an excellent choice for this investigative area.  Utilizing the latest technology, we stay a step ahead of the others.  Cameras, GPS and other surveillance equipment, along with the knowledge required to utilize them, is necessary in today's world for a private investigator.  Knowing what the courts look for in these types of cases allows us to assist your attorney with the best possible outcome in your matter.  That's why they recommend us.  Call today for your consultation.